We develop an affordable solar vehicle for last-mile passenger transport in emerging countries.

In emerging countries, auto rickshaws (tuk tuks) are crucial for last-mile mobility, but their environmental impact is high. They emit roughly 13 times more pollutants compared to other vehicles.


Next to that, lack of a charging network is a large barrier to a breakthrough of electric rickshaws.


No pollution and independent of charging, without compromising on fundamentals.

Our sustainable three-wheeled vehicle has the highest energy efficiency in the market. Its purpose is to be independent of the fuel or electricity grid and have zero impact on our planet. Without compromising on fundamentals like range, speed and comfort.

Mobility as a Service.

Driving a sustainable vehicle should be easy. However, this is still a complex and dysfunctional process for its drivers, of whom 74% are illiterate.


Therefore, we are a one-stop-shop with a single point of contact for services related to buying and driving our vehicle. Like financing, maintenance and support (i.e. driver insurance and applying for grants).

Higher income

Our vehicles are affordable and your operational costs are minimal, since you do not have to refuel your vehicle.

Modular design

You can adapt and change your vehicle for multiple mobility purposes. 


Our vehicles meet local safety regulations and are ICAT and FAME II certified.

Superior design

Our design is based on the needs and wishes of everyday users.


Our team.

Fleur van Oorschot

Co-founder | Commerce & Team



Our engineers focus on new innovations that optimize energy consumption within a challenging cost structure. Our vehicle is being made for the immensely fast growing EV market in emerging countries. We are working with a team of engineers with different skillsets and backgrounds, multiple leading tech partners and research institutions.

To succeed in our mission, we are continuously looking for dedicated and out-of-the-box thinking engineers (intern/junior). 


Do you want to have an impact on last-mile mobility and climate change. And do you have a background in Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Automotive Engineering or related?


Please send your resume with your motivation to info@tuxmobility.com.  


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