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A solar powered cargo vehicle that charges while driving. 

With a generous 5 cubic meters of storage space.

Higher range and uptime, lower TCO.

The steadily increasing purchasing power and online shopping habits of consumers are fueling a surge in demand for last-mile deliveries, necessitating innovative solutions to meet this growing need.

Unlock greater possibilities in last-mile deliveries with our solar-powered commercial vehicle, putting an end to range limitations that have been holding back efficiency and growth. Additionally, you'll benefit from reduced Total Cost of Ownership as our vehicles harness free solar energy.

Integrated solar technology

Thanks to our innovative Vehicle Integrated PV technology and streamlined production process, we can rapidly and cost-effectively produce integrated photovoltaics, ensuring exceptional efficiency in mobile applications (like vehicles).

Our initial focus on the most demanding vehicle category, encompassing low-cost three-wheelers designed for rugged road conditions, has led us to a groundbreaking milestone with extensive opportunities for all vehicle categories.

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