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Meet our team 


A team that aims to change lives by innovating 

We are TUX mobility, a team of around 20 innovation enthusiasts with a mission. We want to make sustainable last-mile mobility available to everyone. Working from Brainport Brabant, new techniques are within reach.


Techniques that allow us to really make a difference in emerging countries. Our focus is now on the development of energy-efficient vehicle technology with a low-cost application.


In 2022, we will launch a solar-powered rickshaw in India that has X range, costs Y and produces Z. We expect to sell 11,000 TUX rickshaws by 2024.


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Do you want to know more or work with us?


Innovative collaborations (links to technology)

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Want to work with us?

Want to join a winning team?

Our engineers focus on new innovations that optimize energy consumption within a challenging cost structure. Our vehicle is being made for the immensely fast growing EV market in emerging countries. We are working with a team of engineers with different skillsets and backgrounds, multiple leading tech partners and research institutions.

To succeed in our mission, we are continuously looking for dedicated and out-of-the-box thinking engineers (intern/junior). 


Do you want to have an impact on last-mile mobility and climate change. And do you have a background in Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Mechanical/Mechatronics/Automotive Engineering, Design/Product Engineering or related?


Please send your resume with your motivation


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We are always open for opportunities to cooperate with partners that share our passion for innovation en green technologies. Please drop us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Fleur van Oorschot

Co-founder | Commerce & Team


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