Electrified urban mobility: the new way.

A sustainable three-wheeled vehicle for last-mile mobility.

A sustainable 3-wheeled vehicle for last-mile  mobility.


In India, auto rickshaws are crucial for last-mile mobility. However, their environmental impact is high. They emit roughly 13 times more pollutants compared to other vehicles. 

TUX is a three-wheeled vehicle for last-mile mobility in Indian (sub)urban areas. Its purpose is to be independent of fuel or the grid and have zero impact on our planet.


Our team.

Fleur van Oorschot

Co-founder | Commerce & Team

Mobility as a Service.
Mobility as a Service.

Driving an electric vehicle should be easy. However, this is still a complex and dysfunctional process for its everyday user (i.e. drivers, of whom 74% are illiterate).


Therefore, we are a one-stop-shop and we offer a single point of contact for services related to buying and driving our vehicle. For example finance (i.e. loans, renting or leasing), maintenance and support (i.e. driver insurance and applying for grants).


Powered by
the sun

TUX is charged by the sun via the solar cells on its roof, so is independent of charging/swapping infrastructure. This results in no emissions (from energy source to vehicle) and independency of fuel or the grid. So TUX has zero impact on our planet.

Modular &

Our modular TUX has interchangeable components and accessories to suit different wishes and a diversity of mobility solutions.

Our superior design is based on the creative ideas and wishes of everyday users (i.e. drivers and their passengers) and is still compact to move freely in Indian (sub)urban areas and narrow alleyways. 


a single point of contact for all services related to buying and driving a TUX (incl. financing, leasing, grant assistance).

Higher income

Our TUX has a competitive CAPEX and minimal OPEX for drivers.


TUX is ICAT and FAME II certified.


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